Pasta Party!

PastaPeople are getting excited about our Pasta Party, coming up on Saturday, January 18 at 4:00 pm at the Food Hub! Tickets are $25 – that gets you three classes (fresh pasta, homemade red sauce, and a quick and easy Italian dressing); a full dinner including pasta, salad, bread, coffee & dessert; live music from Mark Ridolfi and Rose n’ Thorns; and a t-shirt featuring our original Pasta Party artwork.

You can purchase a ticket safely online at the Food Hub’s web site, or you can buy it in person at the Food Hub store, 421 W. River Drive, Davenport.

Email with any questions. Grab your tickets quick before they sell out! We can’t wait to see you there!

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What Would Great Grandma Do?

Enter to win this basket from our Healthy Living Fair booth! It's full of our favorite local products and some great gift certificates. Content details at the end of this post.

Enter to win this basket from our Healthy Living Fair booth! It’s full of our favorite local products and some great gift certificates. Content details at the end of this post.

Today is one of the events we look forward to all year – the Healthy Living Fair! Sponsored by Radish Magazine and taking place at Davenport’s Freight House from 8 am – 3 pm, the Healthy Living Fair is an amazing gathering of our favorite organizations and vendors from the Quad Cities and around our region. Walking around this fair, you can learn so much about local and sustainable food, active lifestyles, mindful living, and much more. And there are always samples and freebies to entice you!

Slow Food Quad Cities is excited to present our booth with the theme “What Would Great Grandma Do?” To answer the question, we’re looking to our own ancestors and the way they cooked and preserved food for their families. This was, for the most part, food they grew or raised themselves, or found in the wildlands near their homes. For more on this concept, you can read the article I wrote for this month’s Radish Magazine, Coming full circle: Local foods hold a wealth of history and family lore. In it, I talk about my food heritage, passed down to me by my dear Grandma Betty and other relatives who came before her.

We’re bringing this idea of food heritage to the Healthy Living Fair by encouraging the folks who visit our table to do what our grandmas, great grandmas, and other ancestors did: grow food, forage for food, cook food, and preserve food for winter. For those of you who visited our booth and would like to learn more about these topics, I’m so glad you ended up at our blog! I’ve got a whole bunch of useful links to share with you… Continue reading

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Road Trip!

66504_372913539453163_418679728_nOn Saturday, April 27, we will get in the caravan and head to the Czech Village neighborhood of Cedar Rapids for a day filled with food and fun! This day is going to start with a visit to the fantastic local-foods marketplace NewBo City Market, where we can shop and eat and be inspired by a venue that we would love to see replicated in the Quad Cities sooner rather than later (check out their web site for a list of the many, many vendors there). The afternoon will allow time for a visit to a famed Czech bakery and touring your choice of a variety of local attractions, and we’ll regroup for dinner. Here’s the day’s schedule: Continue reading

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Field trip to Potosi Brewery

Who’s ready for a fall road trip? Slow Food Quad Cities is!

On Saturday, October 27, we’re taking a road trip bound to appeal to folks who love beer, food, history, or all of the above! We’re visiting Wisconsin’s Potosi Brewery for lunch, beer tasting, and a tour of their National Brewery Museum.

Potosi brews heritage beers based on the recipes of their original brewery, founded in 1852. These days, you can sit down in the restaurant or bar for favorites like Good Old Potosi and Cave Ale, and you can learn about the history of brewing in the museum. Continue reading

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Pear pie & the easiest homemade pie crust

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as Pie Season, but this is certainly the time of year when I just want to make pies and pies and pies. So I guess it’s Pie Season for me, anyway. All those nice orchard fruits are begging to get baked with some cinnamon & sugar and make the kitchen smell amazing!

I’ve made two pear pies already this weekend – one got eaten up last night & the other is at my aunt & uncle’s house preparing to get eaten up. Pear pie is not a whole lot different from apple pie – but I think it’s better. After getting about 100 pounds of free pears from my cousin’s tree (thanks, Aaron!) earlier this month, I have tried a lot of apple recipes using pears instead, and I have decided that pears are totally superior. Dehydrated pears are sweet in a way that dried apples can’t match, making them a better sweet-tooth satisfier. Pear sauce is something truly wonderful – with no sugar added and flavored with just a little vanilla, it blows apple sauce away. And there’s this pear pie, which I am deeply in love with. Continue reading

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“Preserving Without Canning” from the Healthy Living Fair

Now that was a great Healthy Living Fair! Slow Food Quad Cities spent a busy day talking all about Preserving Without Canning. We had samples of fridge pickles to try and recipes for them to hand out, plus info on freezing, dehydrating, and fermenting. We dried herbs in the solar oven (15 minutes from fresh to dried, using only the power of the sun!) – for those who want to learn more, check out And we made lots of new connections, getting folks interested in Slow Food and hearing some fantastic ideas for future projects and programs we might do. What a wonderful day!

The Slow Food QC setup crew at the Radish Healthy Living Fair: Hedy, Linnea and Anne

Now, what’s one measure of a really successful festival? When you print way more handouts than you think you could possibly go through, and you end up running out more than an hour before the end of the festival!

I think we have our Cucumber & Onion Pickles to thank for that – almost everyone who tried them wanted to grab the recipe and make some at home. They reminded many people of the recipe Mom or Grandma used to make… and they are so tasty and cool on a hot summer day. Continue reading

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Goat Party!

Join Slow Food Quad Cities and Wesley Acres Produce for a Goat Party!

This goat is ready to party!

On Saturday, April 14 from 1-4 pm, come out to Wesley Acres Produce and meet the old goat Jim and all his girls! This free, family-friendly open house will feature lots of adorable baby goats and baby chicks, a chance for kids to bottle-feed the babies, goat’s milk cooking demos, farm tours, and lots of fun. Full schedule of events: Continue reading

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