$5 Meal Challenge Potluck

Slow Food can get a bad rap from people who don’t understand it – they think it’s elitist, expensive, fancy food that’s only accessible to rich and idle folks who have all the money and time in the world.

Well, anyone who loves Slow Food knows how wrong that is. Fresh ingredients are a better value than processed or pre-prepared foods – for both your wallet and your body. And while it does take time to prepare your own food, the rewards are, I think, great enough to make that time important. Delicious, healthy food. The joy of creating something. And, maybe best of all, the time spent with family or friends as you share a meal together.

Slow Food USA wants to demonstrate just how accessible and worthwhile good, clean and fair food can be, so they’ve launched a nationwide day of action called the $5 Meal Challenge. Across the country, families and friends will gather on September 17 to enjoy meals that cost no more than $5 per person to prepare.

At Slow Food Quad Cities, we’re doing this with a potluck. On Saturday, 9/17 at 6:00 pm, we will gather at the Butterworth Center, 1105 8th Street, Moline. We’d like you to bring a dish that cost no more than $5 per person to prepare. That means that if a couple cooks together and both attend, they could spend up to $10 – but you don’t have to spend that much. The goal here is to showcase how well you can get fed for a small price tag. Based on our previous potlucks, I’m guessing we’re all going to walk out of there full and happy!

What should you bring? Anything you love to cook and eat! There’s no need to be intimidated by a Slow Food potluck – we’re not a bunch of gourmands who will scoff if you don’t bring a great delicacy. We need all kinds of courses, from entrees to side dishes to desserts, so if you make a mean apple crisp, that’s perfect… or if you love steamed green beans with a little butter, that’s perfect too… or if you have a favorite casserole, guess what, that’s perfect too! All we ask is that you prepare the food with love… and that you spend less than $5 per person to prepare it.

Me, I am planning to bring a big pan of cornbread with honey butter. And a special treat from Slow Food Quad Cities – we will provide beverages, the herbal lemonades we sold at Sunday’s Farm Crawl. They were a huge hit there, and I think you’ll love them.

I hope you’ll join us so we can fill up the Butterworth Center with people who love delicious food and know it’s for everyone, not just the rich. We’ve got an RSVP page for this event, and we’d love for you to sign up there so we know who’s coming. Please go to this link and search for 61265. You’ll find our official Slow Food Quad Cities event, and you can enter your RSVP. See you there!


About Linnea

I'm the founder and chair of Slow Food Quad Cities. I love good, clean and fair food!
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